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Punta de Mita, Mexico

Punta de Mita From Outer Space (Note that the Coastline on the Southern Side is
Full of Points and that the Normal Northwest Breeze Blows Directly Offshore!)

Punta Mita (or Punta de Mita as it is known locally) resides at the very northern tip of Banderos Bay, which is famous because it is the home of the city of Puerto Vallarta. It is a huge bay that delves deep into the country of Mexico and at its depth almost reaches the Sierra Madre. It is known for its lush jungle, beautiful beaches and quaint Mexican culture. The very tip of the peninsula was owned by the Mexican Federal Government, but was settled by locals who found the environment much to their liking. Over decades the settlement grew to become a village of well over 1,000 inhabitants. Surfers discovered Punta de Mita in the 1960s and many chose to live in this settlement, as the surf break of Bahia and El Faro (among others) were then considered to be world class. It was the best of all worlds…cheap living, excellent surf, friendly people and Puerto Vallarta International Airport was only about an hour away.

When a developer approached the Mexican Government to purchase the entire area of Punta de Mita they agreed that it would be an excellent idea. The government relocated the population of the village to the villages of Emiliano Zapata and Corral del Risco where they were given ownership of their property. Many people view this occurrence as an affront to the population of the village, but they all knew that they were residing on “ejido (or government owned)” land as squatters and had no rights of ownership. As it turns out, many of these individuals have done quite well with their property given the following chain of events.

The Four Seasons Hotel started construction along with the Punta Mita Golf Club. The hotel was an immediate success and quickly became the flagship property of the Four Seasons Chain. The golf course, became an instant “must play” for every serious golfer. Its eight ocean front holes and par 3, “3b” hole of 197 yards that requires the golfer to tee off from the mainland and find the green on an offshore island. It is the only hole of its kind in the world. At high tide, the golfers must travel to the island in an amphibious vehicle to complete the hole.

One of the Many Pools at the Four Seasons Hotel Overlooking
the Beaches of Punta Mita and the famous “3b” green on the island

While the Four Seasons Hotel chain had visions of developing the Punta de Mita property for condominiums, other hotel sites and private residences, Fonatur, the Mexican Government Tourism development bureau decided that the Punta de Mita area would be the perfect place to create a “super luxury tourism district” in Mexico. Its master plans called for luxury hotels. The St. Regis opened in November of 2008. Overnight, Punta de Mita became the focus of International investment. Fonatur constructed a highway from Sayulita to Punta Mita where there was once only a dirt trail. The road into Punta Mita that was once a little over a lane and a half and took almost an hour to traverse is now a major highway. Plans call for an airport in Punta Mita and several luxury hotels, condominiums, shopping centers and private residences. Who knows where it will all go? But the reason for all the hoopla hasn’t changed. Punta Mita has its own magic that has captivated everyone who has visited its fabulous beaches, charming people, excellent surf, fishing, snorkeling and diving.

Fortunately for my wife and I (and for you) we acquired our condominiums before the real estate prices went through the roof and we are able to offer you the opportunity to enjoy Punta Mita at affordable prices, yet still enjoy luxurious surroundings and the “real” Punta Mita experience.

OK, Where is Punta Mita?

Punta Mita Sunset

Punta Mita is on the very northwestern tip of Banderas Bay in the Mexican state of Nayarit. It is located some 40 miles northwest of downtown Puerto Vallarta and on 30 miles or so from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

What is the Weather Like?

Punta Mita is blessed with perfect weather. It is located in the jungle north of Jalisco, Mexico and has 345 days of sunshine every year. It is the exact same latitude as Hawaii and its weather has been said to be like Hawaii’s only much better. While June through September are considered the rainy months, only August and September have 15 days of rain each. The summer months are blessed with nice mornings that turn into rain in the late afternoon and tropical storms during the evening. The balance of the year sees consistent sunshine and dry weather. The average temperature during the daytime averages in the mid 80s and the water temperature is around the mid 70s in the winter and mid 80s in the summer. The average number of days with any rainfall at all during the winter months is 2 days per month.

How Do I Get to Punta Mita?

It all depends on your vacation strategy. Sometimes we rent a car but most of the time we take the bus.

The Punta Mita Bus

Buses leave El Anclote every 10 minutes for Puerto Vallarta and stop everywhere along the way. The local bus fare all the way to downtown Puerto Vallarta is a measly 25 pesos (about $1.90) each way. They are very efficient and somewhat comfortable. Since El Anclote is the last stop on the bus route, there are always buses to catch. A short walk up the street takes you to the bus stop and you are on your way. You can pick the bus up at the airport by simply walking over the overpass to the northbound side of the road and look for the bus that says “Punta Mita” on it. Just stay on the bus until its final stop. Exit the bus and walk down the street toward the ocean and El Anclote is about a 4-minute walk on your left right before the beach. You will see the signs on the entrance that say Condominios El Anclote in bright blue. Just check in with the security guard at the entrance. You can take your luggage onto the bus (but surfboards from the airport are going to be difficult).

Our experience renting cars has been basically dismal. While all of the name brands are here in Puerto Vallarta, they just don’t offer the same service. Unless you have a specificreason fro renting a car, it is my opinion that you are much better off using the bus and taxis to get around.

A car is handy to have if you want to explore all of Nayarit’s wonderful surf spots, but be aware, roads are not up to U.S. standards and driving in this part of Mexico is much different than anywhere else. See the “Mexico Driving Tips” page for more information.

What is There to Do From Punta Mita?

One of the really wonderful things about Punta Mita is its location to many wonderful spots to visit. Following are some of the more obvious things that you can do;

Take a Day Trip to Puerto Vallarta: This one is a natural, especially if you have not been to Puerto Vallarta before. This article tells you exactly how to do it and what to see.

Take a Short Day Trip to Bucerias: If you want to go shopping for Mexican souvenirs and products, don’t waste your time going to Puerto Vallarta (unless you have not been before) just hit Bucerias’ “Flea Market”. Bucerias offers a lot to visitors in a small and compact package.

If you are planning on doing any grilling and eating in, you will want to make a stop a Carnes Del Mundo in Bucerias. If you need directions you can phone them at 329-298-2000 or just click here to see a map and directions Their address is The selection of beef, chicken, ribs and much, much more is the finest we have tasted. We prefer this meat market to any we have found in our home-town of San Diego. The owners are Gringos and absolutely delightful people. The ribs are to die for!

Take a Day Trip to Sayulita: Next to going to Puerto Vallarta for the day, taking a trip to Sayulita is something you should consider. Sayulita is becoming a destination upon itself and after spending some time here, you will find out why. It is quite possible to do Sayulita in the earlier part of the day and then hit the flea market in Bucerias on your way home. This is killing two birds with one stone.

Vist the La Cruz Market on Sunday Mornings: Nothing beats shopping at the La Cruz Market on Sunday mornings. Here is what it is all about and how to do it.

Whale Watching & Snorkeling: If you would like a whale watching or snorkeling trip to the Marietas or a Bay of Banderas sightseeing excursion, just head to the fishing cooperative to arrange for an excursion.